The Blue Bird Sings

Just a 18 year old girl in the suburban Midwest, finally letting it out.

Please introduce yourself :)

i think one of my biggest fears in life is being old and looking back and saying “wow…I really didn’t do much.”

so, carpe diem!


sometimes I feel like I just wear a stereotype

Thoughts: First of the Summer

Well, who knew that not seeing you everyday in school actually makes me feel…happier?

Woot! Thank goodness honestly.

Late Night Deep Thoughts- In free verse form!

All I want is to be your friend, firstly.

To sit down, and get to know you.

To be there for you.

I want to be the one you call when you need someone.

I don’t care if we never kiss or hold hands.

As much as I ache for it, I’m dying just to be considered someone you trust.

Thoughts (BOYS Edition, take like three or something)

You know I’m trying really hard to forget about you, but you’re making it really damn hard being, like, yourself and what not.

Boy Angsty Thoughts

That depressing moment when you try really hard to look nice and you end up getting great compliments from a lot of people, which makes you feel really great, but not as great ashiseyes on you, whom you didn’t see all day.

Honestly, not many other things makes me hurt more.

Thoughts (once more with feeling)

Acquantinces only ask you if you’re okay because they want you to think well of them.

Best friends don’t ask you anything because they know you can/should/need to/will get through it on your own.

A-yo Thoughts

I want him to hold me,

but I really just want him to want to.

Back with the Thoughts :)

Everyday I wake up missing you.

Everyday I walk around looking for you.

Everyday I lay down not knowing who you are.