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Please introduce yourself :)
My letter to tumblr user “zaddyzayn”

It breaks my heart that you have such negative feelings towards children who do not choose but ARE FORCED to live to be mentally disabled. So, I politely stress to you in the kindest way possible, that your views on others in this world are absolutely atrocious and disgusting.

I understand that you want to meet your favorite band and those important to you. But being heartless, ignorant and rude does not get you any closer to them, when in fact it gets you farther away.

My sincere prayers and hope go out to you that you may some day come to understand the love and compassion for those that are different and god-forbid, less fortunate than you. My heart overflows when I get the chance to see my little mentally disabled brother smile or laugh. He can hardly speak, use the restroom, or basically function by himself. To see someone who has had almost every opportunity in life ripped away from them utterly and purely happy is the most spectacular feeling anyone could have. And I genuinely hope that one day, you’re lucky enough to experience and appreciate that firsthand.

Also, that one day you understand that you need to be educated on your topics before you speak before anyone will listen to you. Hopefully, you’ve learned that lesson by the time you’ve read this.

a girl who’s life revolves her absolutely beautiful, joyful and absolutely worthy autistic brother.

And someone who only wakes up every morning to see him smile and be happy in the life he has been given.

yes, thanks, I’ll take one Jesse Katsopolis please.
- me at any time of day

But actually, tell me your story. It can be about anything at all. I’ll listen and talk to you about it if you want. I won’t judge a single thing. I’m just, honestly, so curious about everyone. I want to know everything! So please, shoot me a message and let me listen to you! :)

Have I ever told you guys, that not only am I going to Kansas State University next year, but I’m also going to be an Elementary Education major!

Just thought I’d share :)

A little bit of a serious update on my life

Read if you feel so inclined, I don’t want to mess up your dashes. But this isn’t really a positive thing, but I need to share.

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Planning on going to a concert tonight

but instead just sitt at home in your two layers of leggings and eating pasta.

Nothing gets me more pumped for finals than the Christmas episode of Full House where they have Christmas in the airport but Santa finds them anyways and beautiful-ness ensues.

it’s a personal problem.

Plan for Tomorrow

(because maybe sharing it with you all will make it all happen)

  • at some point get a Holiday Starbucks drink
  • rock out my two last finals before break
  • peace out to mah teachers
  • not die in the apocalypse
  • go holiday shopping with my mama
  • get that Starbucks drink again
  • survive the hell outta the apocalypse this time
  • acquire another tacky Christmas sweater
  • hit up an End-of-the-World Concert


thinkin about doing an OOTD starting in January?

Might be fun! I won’t have much else to do during my second semester Senior year!

We’ll see, it might be fun to try :)

Writing Update

Sorry I haven’t in awhile,

ever since my friend passed away it’s just been really hard.

I haven’t even written in my diary that I’ve written in for about 2 years now consistently.

So, apologies guys, hopefully I’ll pick it up soon.